Everything you need to know about Kaizen's pre-orders. 

How Does It Work? 

When you make a pre-order with us, thats you giving a confirmation that you would like to purchase the product, and the money will be paid to us ready to produce your sneakers.

Why Should We Pre-Order?

Reasons to pre-order with us are simple, you will be able to get a limited unique product that most people won't have the chance to get, always wanted to stand out from the rest with an amazing product? Now you can. 

Why Do We Pre-Order?

The reason we do pre-orders on some products is for a simple reason, ordering the right amount of stock, no small company wants to make a large order and have stock lying around, this way we know exactly how many people want to make an order. 

How Long Will It Take to Get My Product? 

Once we start a pre-order, it will only be available for 1-2 weeks, after that we will calculate the orders and get them into production, from there it will take 3 weeks to produce the sneakers, and 1 week to ship the product. 

We will keep you up to date with the process through email, providing you with photos and information of how its going.

Can I Cancel My Pre-Order?

You are able to cancel your pre-order at any time up until we can the confirmation with the factory to produce the sneakers. 

Can We Pre-Order the Same Product at a Later Date?

We will only allow a pre-order at a later date if there is a larger amount of people requesting the item, we can not confirm that we will run the pre-order again.