Footwear Consultancy

HoweConcepts Custom Footwear & Consultancy


Ever wanted your own sneaker? We can help with that. 

HoweConcepts is our footwear design company part of Kaizen, we offer a range of custom design packages that you can choose from, 'Basic', 'Premium' and 'Professional'. If they're not suitable we can create a custom design package specifically to you. 

We understand that its difficult to design a shoe and produce it, with the hassle of finding a trustworthy manufacturer with good quality, to the design process itself, thats why we created our packages to help you get your design made. 

Each one of our packages offers something different, the higher the package the more you get, with our professional package you will get sketches, design, render, technical package, and our manufacturer contact for you to produce samples of your shoe with a trustworthy factory. 

Find our price below.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at HoweConcepts@iCloud.Com.