Welcome to Kaizen Footwear, Part of HoweConcepts

Kaizen, Change for the Better


The Brand 

Kaizen is a modern and unique footwear and apparel brand, set out bring a different style of footwear and change the sneaker industry and the way people look at footwear.

We are currently a lifestyle and fashion brand, and also introducing our performance products such as Kaizen Basketball range. 

Kaizen is an every day brand for the not so everyday athlete, be unique, be different. Kaizen, the future of footwear.

What does Kaizen mean? Kaizen means 'Change for the Better', and to 'Improve'.

The Founder

This is James Howe, the founder of Kaizen Footwear and HoweConcepts. A sneaker enthusiast and collector.


Why did we start Kaizen?

 I started the Kaizen footwear to be able to design and produce great and unique footwear to our fans and to compete with the larger brands.


The Story

I started my brand for the simple reason of wanting to have my own personal sneaker, I had no experience in the industry and I just wanted to design awesome shoes. Like many of you know, you cant work in the industry without experience, and cant get experience without working, so I decided to use the knowledge I have and go out and create my own experience, and that is Kaizen. 

I started the brand in 2014 after turning down an athletic scholarship to play NCAA basketball, after leaving school I needed to find a new career path, with my love of footwear, design and sport I decided to combine all three and start designing athletic footwear. 

After many samples, and working for other brands, 2015 is where the brand really begins. In October 2015 I was flown out to Miami to hand deliver a pair of our Futuro's to NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade after finding our brand on Instagram, the blogs soon got hold of the story and helped bring our brand to peoples attention.

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Where are we located?

We are currently based in the United Kingdom


How long has the company been in business? 

Kaizen has been in business since 2015 after rebranding from HoweConcepts which is now our Freelance Footwear Design Company.


The Team



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