Welcome to Kaizen Footwear

'Kaizen, Change for the Better'


The Brand 

Kaizen is a modern and unique footwear and apparel brand, set out bring a different style of footwear and change the sneaker industry and the way people look at footwear.

The brands products and colours are all inspired by the Japanese culture and astronomy.

What does Kaizen mean? Kaizen means 'Change for the Better', and to 'Improve'.

The Founder

James Howe, a young motivated designer with a unique vision. Huge sneaker enthusiast, wanna be astronaut.


Why did I start Kaizen?

The main reason I started my own brand was simple, I wanted to be a footwear designer, and to become a footwear designer for a top brand, or any brand, you need experience, but you cant get experience without a job, and a job without experience.. its just impossible. 

So I started my own brand to get experience, and it just went better than I could have ever imagined, so I stuck to it, and here we are.

And now, all I want to do is create some unique products and collaborate with designers around the world to help push my brand to the next level


The Story, how I stared

As I said before, you need experience to get a job but no job equals no experience.  

In 2014 I stared my own brand HoweConcepts after turning down an athletic scholarship to play NCAA basketball. I got into university last minute on an Industrial Design Bachelors Degree from a portfolio I created a day before, tried the course for a year but it wasn't for me, the way people are educated just takes the uniqueness from everyone and makes them all the same, and I was doing much more by myself outside of university. 

So after a year I dropped out and become a full time designer, I worked for brands around the world after building up my portfolio, using the money I earned from there to re-invest into my own brand. 

In 2015 I created my first sneaker to go on sale, The Futuro.

 In October that year I flew out to Miami to hand deliver a pair of our Futuro's to NBA AllStar Dwyane Wade after he messaged me on Instagram saying he liked my stuff, the blogs soon got hold of the story and helped bring our brand to peoples attention.

In 2016 I changed my brand name to Kaizen.

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Where are we located?

We are currently based in the United Kingdom, but work a lot in the US (Los Angeles).


How long has the company been in business? 

Kaizen has been in business since 2016 after rebranding from HoweConcepts which is now our Freelance Footwear Design Company.


The Team



Stand For Trees




Krate & Co





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